About us

OknoPlus - more then simple window

There, where work joins passion there is quality. That is why today, OknoPlus is not only a leading producer of windows and doors with long standing experience in this field, but first and foremost a team of professionals that work together every day and inspire themselves, sharing knowledge, ideas and experience.

The strength of the OknoPlus brand is its people, who created the set of standards that unchanged, have for many years been the compass point for the creation of the highest quality windows and doors. In the age of globalisation and commercialisation processes it is with a certain reserve that we approach mass production, bearing in mind the individual needs of an ever increasingly aware clientele. Just as our customers, we highly value not only the generally understood sense of aesthetic but also the increased demands of energy saving and the quality of making windows and doors that remains with us for many years. In the production of our windows and doors we have but the one aim: to ensure solutions for those investing in our windows and doors that we would ourselves without hesitation resort to.

We know that windows and doors of the highest quality are the fruits of an integrated harmonious team and their work, where each person’s effort is equally important. We therefore have paid particular attention to a friendly and creative atmosphere at work, which is the real strength that propels our growth. We do not view what we make as merely ‘products’, ‘measurements’ and ‘prices’, but in terms of reliability, aesthetics, innovation, functionality and safety – the long-standing record of client’s and their satisfaction – those who have given us their trust.

It is every day that we work on the latest solutions that allow us to broaden our range of products for the benefit of our customers. We trust that thanks to our experience we are able to meet both the most exacting technological requirements as well as the most refined of expectations in design.