What are cookies?

Cookies contain short alphanumeric text stored in the device of a user visiting our website, such as a computer, phone or tablet. If this data makes it possible to identify the identity of the visitor, it will be treated as personal data under the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 2016/679 (GDPR).

Does the use of cookies require my consent?

Yes. If you do not turn off cookies, it is assumed you agree to their placing and storage on your devices. You can disable the placing and storage of cookies in your web browser. However, disabling cookies may cause our webpages to be displayed incorrectly.

What kind of cookies do you use?

Cookie file typePurpose and principles of operation
Necessary for display of webpagesThese cookies are necessary for the proper functioning and display of OknoPlus website, they allow you to navigate through our webpages and use their components. These files can remember the previous actions when returning to the site in the same session.
Functionality improvementThey remember settings and selections (e.g. language and communication preferences as well as history of your activity) in order to provide you with specifically tailored content and services.
Possibility of authenticationThey make it possible to identify you after you logg in in order to show you the adequate information corresponding to your interests.
Safety improvementThese files support mechanisms aimed at preventing abuse on the OknoPlus website.
AdvertisingThey remember your preferences and personalize websites in terms of displayed content and matching advertisements.

Regarding the storage time and origin, the cookies we use can be divided into:

Session cookies– stored in the web browser's memory until the end of the session, i.e. until the session is closed. These cookies are mandatory for certain applications or functionalities to work properly.

Permanent cookies – facilitate the use of frequently visited websites (e.g. ensure optimum navigation, remember the selected resolution, the content layout etc.). This information remains in the web browser’s memory for a longer period of time. This time depends on the selection that can be made in the browser settings. This type of cookies allows information to be transmitted to the server each time you visit our website.

Cookies of external entities – information e.g. from advertising servers, servers of companies and service providers (e.g. searches or maps on a website) cooperating with the owner of our website. This type of cookies makes it possible to match advertisements to your preferences and habits. It also allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising actions.