Modern style demands innovation – the same goes for windows

Everything should be simple, elegant, and functional. That’s the basis of modern style, which is all about light, space, and comfort. The innovative solutions offered by window manufacturers today fit in perfectly with these principles. Here’s what works in modern architecture and design:

Compact, lightweight structures, smooth surfaces, simple forms, muted colours, and large panes of glass with subtle frames that open the home up to its surroundings and enlarging and illuminating its interior – that’s how modern buildings usually look. Windows are among the most important elements of these buildings, determining their style and character. How should we choose windows for each room?

Living room

The living room of a modern house should be spacious, well lit, and – thanks to large glazing – ‘open’ to the terrace or garden. Smooth sheets of floor-to-ceiling glass, preferably spanning the entire width of the wall, have to be both beautiful and functional. That’s why we need innovative solutions that make the window easy to open and close while guaranteeing the thermal comfort of the interior.

For a living room with an adjoining terrace, we recommend the current must-have in the window industry -MORLITE VISION. This innovative, design-forward sliding construction is ideal. Its large amount of glass and subtle frame provide plenty of light and aesthetic value, while its innovative hardware make it easy to open and close. “Morlite Vision windows are even more attractive with heated or variable translucency glass, which earned them the INNOVATION OF THE YEAR 2019 award,” recalls Mateusz Goldman, customer advisor at OknoPlus.


It’s not just the size of the windows that makes modern buildings attractive, but also their unusual shape or orientation. Corner windows are one popular solution that give a sense of space and lightness to the interior. These windows are particularly attractive in kitchens, including kitchens connected with the living area of the house (dining room or living room).

Glued corner windows – without the traditional corner connector – are among the most interesting and innovative solutions available today. Joined at a 90˚ angle, these glass panes are truly impressive! “From the outside, they can really embellish even an uninteresting building, while from the inside their exceptionally modern appearance helps break up the monotony of all those kitchen cabinets,” says an OknoPlus expert.


By definition, modern houses have lots of glass, and the bathrooms should have windows, too. They look good and they’re practical, but these windows have to be carefully selected, as the requirements for a bathroom are different than for a living room, for example.

For bathrooms, you need windows made of materials which do not absorb moisture, – we recommend PVC products or practical-yet-fashionable aluminium frames with opaque glass that allows natural light to pass through while protecting your privacy. Ventilation is also an important issue. “Our innovative COMFORT windows ensure efficient air exchange without unnecessary heat loss,” adds Tomasz Grabka from OknoPlus. In these windows, the sash slides away from the frame by 6 mm on all sides, while the window remains locked. This allows the interior to be effectively ventilated at all times while maintaining security (according to the RC2 anti-burglary standard). It is a perfect example of modern functionality.

Children’s bedroom

And finally, the children’s room, where modernity can also manifest itself both in the aesthetics of the windows and in the innovative technical solutions they apply.

For children’s rooms, we should focus on safety, which is why we recommend windows with SAFEkids hardened glass, which is several times more resistant than standard glass. “A TOULON handle with a keyed lock will prevent children from opening the window on their own, while the COMFORT hardware mentioned earlier will keep the room ventilated, without the risk of the window slamming shut on its own,” says a customer advisor of OknoPlus.

BIKOLOR windows are an interesting option. These frames look different on the inside and the outside. This allows you to design your child’s room with a window frame in essentially any colour you like (for example, classic blue – the colour of the year for 2020), while maintaining a subdued, minimalist appearance on the outside.

For children’s rooms, we should focus on safety, which is why we recommend windows with SAFEkids hardened glass, which is several times more resistant than standard glass.

Mateusz Goldman

The modern windows offered by OknoPlus offer not only a captivating, elegant design, exceptional functionality, and innovative solutions, but also product quality that meets the highest European standards. “Regardless of your preferred brand of modernism (elegant art déco, austere Bauhaus, or perhaps contemporary minimalism), when building and furnishing a modern house, you can confidently rely on our products,” Mateusz Goldman concludes.