REVEAL – the new face of OknoPlus aluminium windows

In early May 2020, an unparalleled OknoPlus product arrived on the window market, setting new trends for the entire industry. REVEAL is a line of premium aluminium windows that offer a unique combination of innovative technology, unique design, and a surprisingly competitive price.

The new line from OknoPlus is based on modern DECAL aluminium frames with SO EASY technology, which, when paired by Saint-Gobain’s ECLAZ glass – which is currently the best on the market – make a perfect duo – sagt Anna Franczyk from OknoPlus.

The secret of Reveal windows lies in their ideal proportion of frame to glass, their balance between a beautiful, minimalist design and a meticulous, aesthetic finish, their excellent thermal insulation and stiffness properties, and their very favourable ‘price to luxury’ ratio.

Aluminium frames unlike any other

Reveal windows are based on the innovative So Easy aluminium system, whose unique technological solutions are patented in the EU.  These really are window frames unlike any other – both technically and visually. Reveal window and balcony door frames are minimalistic and exceptionally slim, giving as much space as possible for glass and natural light. The frame and sash are only 112 mm wide, or 140.5 mm for sashes with no centre stile. This is significantly slimmer than other aluminium designs currently available on the market. These dimensions are achieved thanks to the innovative So Easy design system, which consists of only 5 components (as opposed to 11 components in a standard design).

The hallmark – pure perfection

Reveal windows are well built and look great. The technical elements that make the windows so easy to use are concealed within the frame. This includes the hinges and the gasket, which usually rests on the glass itself. The drainage openings are unusually minimalist and elegantly concealed. When the window is opened, the ‘protruding’ central gasket is not noticeable. Instead, there is simply a flat black thermal break (an aesthetically integrated gasket). The craftsmanship and modernity are also seen in the construction of the frames and assemblies (thermally insulated corner joints, variable angles connectors) and in the very design-forward protection of the steel-aluminium junction within the frame.

The Reveal colour scheme just adds to the perfection. The frames are welded together only after they have been painted, giving the windows a rich, high-quality colour palette. You can choose from the most popular standard colours (including black, dark grey, and white) as well as more than a dozen non-standard colours and woodgrain option. Reveal frames can also be ordered with different interior and exterior colours (at no extra charge).

The best glass on the market

Reveal windows are equipped with triple glazed ECLAZ glass. The best glass on the market today, it simultaneously offers excellent visual and energy-saving properties. The increased translucence of the Saint-Gobain glass allows for better illumination, while its outstanding thermal performance saves on heating bills. The combination of Reveal frames and ECLAZ glass not only means more natural light in the house (a light transmittance coefficient of 77%), but up to 20% better energy efficiency compared to the best windows currently available on the market. The thermal transmittance of the glass is Ug = 0.5 W/m2K, while the energy transmittance is g = 60%.

Warm, safe, and eco-friendly

Reveal products are eco-friendly, and not only because they are aluminium rather than plastic. They are also energy efficient. A heat transfer coefficient of Uw = 0.68 W/m2K makes them ideal windows, even for passive houses. The other specifications are also attractive: waterproofness of 2250 Pa (versus the standard 1600) and wind resistance of 2000 Pa.

Reveal products protect against both weather and intruders thanks to their dedicated Select hardware and special secure fasteners.

Accessible luxury

Recently released by OknoPlus, Reveal is premium window based on a new, luxuriously designed, technologically revamped generation of aluminium window systems. with a luxurious design. OknoPlus experts managed to ‘fit’ all of that into prices that are significantly lower than the competition.

We’re convinced that both architects and investors will fall in love with Reveal windows the moment they see them,” says D. Mickiewicz from OknoPlus. With this product line, we are rediscovering aluminium and its potential in the window industry. We’re also proving that luxury windows can be accessible. This new look is perfectly reflected in the name, chosen in an internal employee competition. ‘Reveal’ was proposed by Krzysztof Sieja from our technical department. Thank you and congratulations!