Reveal Hide – a new kind of hidden sash window

The Reveal family of aluminium windows – based on innovative Decal frames – is growing. This time it’s Reveal Hide windows – with their hidden sashes – that are joining OknoPlus’ innovative, design-forward, eco-friendly product range.

These windows fit perfectly in the modern aesthetics of a minimalist building. The window sash is completely concealed within the frame, making the window – which can still be opened normally – look like a fixed pane, giving the facade a more austere, elemental appearance. Reveal Hide is the result of a unique combination of technology, design, and an environmentally friendly approach to window design.

Anna Franczyk, OknoPlus

A window that surprises…

The Reveal Hide surprises with its innovative design, futuristic appearance, and excellent thermal performance. However, that’s not the end of the story. As with our Reveal and Reveal Slide lines, customers are also pleasantly surprised by our short delivery times and attractive pricing. These windows are designed and manufactured using patented So Easy technology, which means they have half as many components as other windows. This simplifies and accelerates the manufacturing process, increases the functionality of the entire structure, and gives the windows their sleek, minimalist appearance, and reduces costs (compared to other aluminium windows, which Reveal Hide also beats in terms of energy efficiency).

… ease of use

The innovative design of Reveal Hide windows makes them significantly easier to use  and maintain. The aluminium doesn’t require any special care, while the integrated gaskets and concealed hinges make cleaning quick and easy. In addition, this model uses the glass bonding technology, which makes the window even safer and offers excellent stiffness. Bonded glass is much more resistant (than standard glass) to stress and mechanical damage.

 … an exquisite appearance

Reveal Hide windows are among the most design-forward in our product range. Impeccable workmanship goes hand-in-hand with captivating minimalism, thanks to their slender fames and concealed hinge, drains, and sashes. Reveal Hide is our response to the growing architectural trend for windows that are more and more modern, more convenient to use, and offer better thermal insulation properties, while also being ‘less and less visible.’ That means minimum frame, maximum glass and no ‘visual interference’ from purely structural elements. The windows’ excellent functional mechanism (here, Select hardware) is hidden within the frame, so nothing spoils the visual design.

… the best performance

As with its older brothers and sisters, the youngest member of the Reveal family is also eco-friendly and energy-saving. Reveal Hide windows are perfect for energy-efficient and passive houses, performing well even in the most demanding climatic conditions. Their heat transfer coefficient is 0.7 W/m2K. The windows offer excellent wind load resistance (C5), water tightness (E2400), and air permeability. If we add unrivalled interior light transmittance (Lt = 77%) and, thanks to Eclaz glass, the highest solar gain available in this configuration (60% gain for wide 60 mm triple glazing), we really have the ideal product. Reveal Hide windows mean real savings on your home lighting and heating bills.