Reveal Slide – a new product from OknoPlus

After the spring premiere of the Reveal window, as summer turns to autumn OknoPlus is introducing another product from the series – Reveal Slide. It is a modern, aluminium lift-and-slide structure, which – just like its predecessor – impresses with its aesthetic design, technical specifications, and affordability.

Reveal Slide terrace doors are the result of the combination of innovative Decal frames with So Easy technology and ECLAZ glass – the best window panes currently available. Its slim frames and sashes and highly transparent glass fit in perfectly with the current architectural trends, while its technical specifications make Reveal Slide an eco-friendly product.

More glass, more light

“The new OknoPlus product is not only a fashionable, designer product, but also a highly functional solution,” says Mariusz Kudas, Customer Advisor at OknoPlus. Unlike other sliding systems, Reveal Slide offers very slim frames and large glass panes, which allow more light into the home.

The entire frame and sash assembly is only 163 mm wide. When combined with glass panes with a high light transmission coefficient (77%), the results are visible to the naked eye. These windows can both improve your well-being and lower your ‘light bills.’

Smooth transition, smooth operation

Using large amounts of glass to blend the living room with the adjoining terrace is one of the most sought-after design elements in single-family houses today. Reveal Slide sliding doors can further enhance this characteristic ‘WOW’ effect. In addition to the slim frames, the impressive size of the glass itself, and the extra-transparent glazing, the visual integration of the interior with the exterior is emphasised by the flush threshold, which is both aesthetically pleasing and convenient and practical.

Extremely efficient lift-and-slide hardware that can handle sashes as heavy as 400kg make Reveal Slide products exceptionally smooth and easy to use, regardless of the size of the window or door.

Thermal and acoustic comfort

Reveal Slide products come equipped with an additional gasket system that offers improved thermal insulation properties and helps soundproof the interior.