Windows as an interior design element – trends for 2021

This year’s edition of ArchiDay – an industry event bringing together architects, interior designers, and designers – has come to an end. At the event, OknoPlus’ Izabela Tryba talked about the prevailing trends in window design and about the role of modern windows in interior design.

A revolution has taken place over the last decade or so. In the past, interior designers didn’t consider windows as a design element in themselves. They were only there to serve a basic purpose – to keep the weather out and be easy to wash. In fact, there really wasn’t much choice. There was only one ‘right’ colour for the plastic, or maybe a wooden option – too luxurious for most customers. Fortunately, window manufacturers have started to look for innovations in technology and design, which has attracted interest from both customers and interior designers. As a result, we now have a lot to talk about in window design: fashionable colours, shapes, and sizes, modern frames, innovative fittings, multifunction glazing… Here’s what OknoPlus has in store for 2021…

Minimalism, that is… large, functional windows that are ‘invisible’ from the inside

For several years now, window size has gradually increased, functionality and ease of use have improved, and design has moved towards elegant minimalism, which fits perfectly with the prevailing interior design styles of today. Hence the ever-narrower frames (110 mm for Reveal or Morlite versus the standard 120 mm), window components that are carefully concealed from view (zero threshold designs, hidden hinges, and unobtrusive handles), as well as flat, integrated central gaskets and concealed sashes that make the windows look like fixed glass panels. An ‘aquarium’ effect is created by large sheets of glass with almost invisible borders which blur the boundary between inside and outside. The two spaces become one, and we enjoy a view that helps ‘build the interior,’ rather than seeing the window itself. They are perfect solutions for all modern interior designs.

Multifunction glazing and windows that create more interior design possibilities

Windows with active heating panes (Innovation OknoPlus) are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer interior designers more freedom.  By choosing these windows, you can eliminate the need to install radiators or other heating systems, which in many cases is even more cost-effective. On the other hand, if you choose slightly cheaper panes that still offer excellent insulation specifications, you can freely arrange tables, chairs, and sofas to make the most of the window’s natural light without worrying about the temperature outside. This gives interior designers complete creative freedom. In addition, modern glazing options give them confidence that the glass won’t affect their carefully planned colour schemes, as the sunlight coming through the window maintains its natural colour.

Aluminium – eco-friendly designer windows for every interior

The most fashionable and luxurious windows (though still affordable – up to 40% cheaper from OknoPlus than from other manufacturers) are made of aluminium, which is exceptionally popular among interior designers and will almost certainly stay that way for years to come. Aluminium fits with any decor, as it can be made to look like metal or like wood. The available range of RAL colours and veneer patterns is enormous, and you can create different interior and exterior designs for each window or vary the colour of individual windows, adapting them to each individual room, with zero limitations – something architects are keen to take advantage of. Apart from their design features, aluminium windows also have excellent technical parameters. They are well insulated, light, stiff, and do not deform; most importantly, they can take virtually any size or shape. The possibilities are endless.